Early Years Foundation Stage

When we give children the best start in early years, we give them what they need today and set them up with the best chance of success for tomorrow. At Woodmansey we work closely with families to ensure that children’s transition into nursery or school is smooth through home or nursery visits and ‘stay and play’ sessions, as well as tours and parent meetings for new Reception starters. 

Learning in the Foundation Unit 

Our curriculum is flexibly designed around children’s interests and strengths, the seasonal and church calendar, our school grounds and our environment, and so, is unique to Woodmansey. 

Learning is play based and takes place both inside and outdoors. We consider play to be the work of the child…that for children, play is serious learning… 

Every child is a competent learner and adults take the children’s strengths and interests as a starting point. Enjoyment and making choices are a priority. 

There is a balance of child initiated and adult led experiences with daily, short, focused phonics and maths group activities, whole class and group ‘Get together’ and circle times. Each day allows plenty of time for children to follow their own interests and fascinations. We participate and contribute to whole school events and themed weeks. 

Our learning often starts with a ‘book hook’ taking inspiration to draw children in. Learning, practising and retaining new and rich vocabulary and language is an essential part of our day. 

Every child can thrive and progress well in their learning with the right support. Adults use adaptive teaching techniques to ensure that children can access activities and learning in the best way for them. 

Our ambitious curriculum ensures that our children gain the skills and knowledge to prepare them achieving all seventeen early years goals, transition into Year One, and beyond. 

Parents ask, ‘How can I prepare my child for nursery or school?’ 

We say, ‘Chat, play, and read with your child everyday.’ 

It is said that ‘children don’t need more things. The best toy a child can have is a parent who reads with them or gets down on the floor and plays with them!’

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