KS1 Puppets

Look at these amazing puppets, designed and made by the Y1/2 children. They designed a puppet in the style of a 1960s TV show character. You might spot Andy Pandy, Looby Loo, Teddy, Florence, Mungo and Midge, Clangers, Sesame Street characters, Pinky & Perky, Little Weed… The children have learned so much about sewing this year. Well done Y1/2, I’m very proud of you all.

Blank 30.pdf

KS1 Visit to Burnby Hall

KS1 had a wonderful time at Burnby Hall Gardens. They loved learning about the different plants growing there. They were amazed to see so many different types of water lilies and had a go at being tree spotters. The children all loved feeding the fish- they are hilarious to watch!
We certainly have a class of budding horticulturists.

We have had the most amazing day at Burnby Hall Gardens. The children have learned such a lot about the plants, including trees, found within the beautiful grounds. The