History day at Woodmansey

FSU enjoy learning about 100 years of the BBC for History Day. Dressed as characters from Children’s TV programs, we ‘Watched with Mother’, then took part in a make from a 1952 episode of the program, before comparing it to modern CBeebies programs now, and talking about what BBC programs our parents and grandparents used to watch; finally, attending a special assembly with our own school WAFTAs (BAFTAs). What an exciting day. Who knew that many years ago there was only one program a day for children… in black and white! Some of us were very surprised to learn that!

Signs of Autumn

This afternoon, KS1 went on a nature walk around our beautiful school grounds looking for signs of autumn. We spotted leaves (gold, yellow, orange, red, brown), fallen leaves, berries, apples growing, fungus… The children loved their outdoor learning.